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Things apple implements other just copies. The implementation of the iPhone back glass was one of them. Well, innovation is good but repairing cost does matter right? A basic drop from your hand can damage your back glass as you may be seeking iPhone glass replacement here.

The iPhone 8 was the first to include this back glass feature. Apple has continued to develop new innovations since then. The back glass of the modern iPhone is more appealing as well as more slippery in the hands.

Accidents are unavoidable, as you may have broken the back glass of your iPhone. It’s a thing that if you have a basic tiny crack, it will automatically extend on a regular basis. So looking for an iPhone back glass replacement price could be the right reason for you and you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

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How Much for an iPhone Glass Replacement Cost?

The glass is held together with what we imagine is some kind of space-age polymer. Because of this bond, traditional tools are required to remove and replace the glass on the back of the iPhone.

It needs expertise as well as knowledge to replace the back glass of an iPhone. Hence, searching for an apple service center near me can be so much more expensive if you opt for the authorized service centers.

Generally, authorized service centers charge more for back glass replacements. And if your warranty is expired then the scenario is different as you need to pay more than the regular repair. Basically, apple charges $149 – $329 for a back glass replacement in India.

Stop Concerning Repair Costs

Definitely, your iPhone does matter for yourself. And it will be so haptic to repair your back glass on paying a huge amount of money. So, every problem has a solution like FixKart is available for your problem. FixKart, the best iPhone repair near me offerings back glass replacement services for all of the iPhone models under half of the authorized service center. If you need a back glass replacement under your tight budget then your can contact us for a booking.