Travelling bags for women 2023

Travelling Bags for women

Bags are one of the most essential items for everyone, whoever goes outside of home for anything to anywhere such as Collage, Office, or in case best travelling bags for women.

So, You are also One of them, are looking for best traveling bags? Although there are men, women and various types of travel bags are available. But in this article you will get to know about few best travelling bags for Women.

Bags are in this list are available in ecommerce store like Amazon and Flipkart. We have short listed bags by best customer rating, using, cost effective ness and many more.

You will get to know about all bags in 360 degree, so that we will try to clear all doubted about any bags.

  1. ARISTOCRAT Duffel With Wheels (Strolley)
  2. POLESTAR Xplore 55 L Travelling Rucksack Backpack with rain cover
  3. FATMUG Men’s and Women’s Polyester Foldable Duffel Luggage Bag
  4. PAZZO Trance 44L Water Resistant Gym/Trekking/Travel/Sports Duffel/Duffle Bag
  5. WILD MODA Women’s Shoulder

Now lets get to know all the bags are in details and a comprehensive reviews.

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1. ARISTOCRAT Duffel with wheels bags for Travelling

Short Brief

Lets beginning with one of the most lovable brand i.e. Aristocrat, Aristocrat in known for their best quality Products. So in this collection of best travelling bags for women, this Aristocrat duffle with wheel is one of the best option for you up coming trip. As it’s build quality is so nice that you don’t have to rethink, wheatear the bag can carry your stuff.

The problem of strap break or zipper damage while travelling is negligible as its built quality is so nice. Now If you are not aware of Aristocrat, let me brief you about aristocrat. Aristocrat is one top brand under VIP Industries Limited and under VIP Industries Limited is one of the leading company for bags, luggage and related items.

Under this company some of the top renowned brands are follows VIP, Carlton, Skybags, Caprese, ALFA and of course Aristocrat.So now You can understand how well known this bags company is. I hope this bag will help you a lot while travelling and those who are Planning for Travel. Once again this Aristocrat Duffle Bags is one of the best suitable bag for women for travelling.


This Aristocrat duffel bag is comes with One Large Pocket and one side Pocket with zipper. The size of this Aristocrat strolley duffel bag is 21 inch or 55 cm. Dimensions of the bag is L-53cm B-30cm D-29cm and weight is 2010g with capacity of 37L.


  • Great Quality
  • Comes with 2 Wheel
  • Zipper Tail are of Polyester Material


  • Strolley Handle is so compact

2. POLESTAR Xplore Travelling Backpack for Travel

Short Brief

In this collection list of travelling bags for women, the second number is for the Polestar Xplore Travelling backpack. There are many reason for this bag in second position. This bag is made for specially Adventures Turing or Hiking etc, and it is one of the favourite for its quality space and light weight.

Already mentioned above that this bag is so light weight as compare with the Aristocrat’s one. This bag is made for those who loved long tour, and have to travel with various climatic and physical condition. Polestar Xplore Travelling Backpack is manufactured by JAI AMBAY ENTERPRISES, which is of course an Indian Company.

Regarding the quality of this bag is so nice as most of the customer have gave the Positive reviews on amazon and the numbers of reviews is near about 9,000. So you can understand the quality and its durability. Above all the factor is made this bag one of the best travelling bags for women and also for men.


The Polestar Xplore backpack is water resistance and comes with a rain cover, it can carry some of the needy items like Yoga Mat, Umbrella, Shoe, So this bag has an extra edge over other bags. This bag is made of Pu Coated Polyester material and the length or stand height is 68cm with 55L capacity.

Dimensions of this bag is L- 62cm W- 35cm H- 24cm with bottle holder.


  • Light Weight
  • Multi pocket
  • Water Resistance with rain cover


  • Some time fake product received by customer so please be aware of it.

3. FATMUG Women’s Foldable Duffel and Travelling Bag

Short Brief

Now we are in position 3 of this list of travelling bags for women collection. The Fatmug known for their laptop , backpack, Gym and travelling bags. The Fatmug foldable duffel is one of the best bags for women and also for men for travelling, This bag is specially made by keep in mind of travelling and the result is durability and light weight with water resistance with multi function.

This Fatmug bag is one the best for its feature i.e. it can be fold and can carry for emergency use when needed. The weight of this bag is also less as it is 570gm, and this weight factor is made the bag one of the best for travellers for there emergency uses.

If you are looking for the user experiences or reviews then the result is positive. And the figure is 83% reviews is positive on amazon with this, the rating is 4.3 under 5.0. The Material of this bag is water repellent and tear resistant fabric .


The feature of this Fatmug Foldable bag are like this, There is a small bag or pouch for carrying the large bag for emergency uses. The Capacity of this bag is 60L. The unfolded size of this is 22.5x14x11 inch, and the size of the Folded Pouch is 11×11 inch.

There is a shoe compartment and 4 outer zippered pockets for easy access to essentials.


  • Side Carry Handles
  • Light Weight
  • Emergency carry Pouch
  • Water Repellent Material


  • Build Material is not long lasting

4. PAZZO Trance Tack & Travel Duffel Bag women Travel bag

Short Brief

Last but not least Pazzo Travel bag is another best travelling bags for women, this particular bag is not just made for travel purpose but also for others uses also such as tracking and also for Gym. The size of the bag is medium and as a result limited space for an individual.

This bag can not fulfil the criteria for a travelling bag as above few bag can, but this bag is helpful for tracking as it size is medium and this is best size for an individual to carry or handy. The overall experiences of users of this bag is good as more than 76 % reviews is positive.


The size of the Pazzo travel bag is medium as mention above, the actual size of this bag is 19 inch or 49 cm. There is a large compartment and a small side pocket with zip. The Build quality of this bag is so nice and the material is 600D Polyester Fabric.

The dimension of this Pazzo travel bag is L-19 inch H-13 inch W-11 Inch with this, there is a Dual Webbing Handles with Adjustable Shoulder Straps.


  • Build quality is good
  • Too handy to carry
  • light weight
  • Ideal for tracking and can be use for gym


  • Size is not perfect for long days travel.

5. WILD MODA Women’s Shoulder For Travel

Short Brief

Number five of this this list of collection of travelling bags for women’s is from Wild Moda’s women’s shoulder bag. Although this bag is not like a regular travelling bag but it has some uses and this make it, one of the best travelling bags for women. This shoulder bag so useful for travellers specially women’s.

This shoulder bag is so useful for daily purpose or for travelling etc. So there are few reason for taking this bag under travelling bags for women list. The reason are like this size, weight and durability of this bag, all this reason make this bag one of the favourite for women.

The built quality of this bag is so good, the material of this bag is High quality Waterproof Polyester. 83 % Reviews of this bag is positive.


The Feature of this travel shoulder bag are like this 3 large compartments with 6 pockets. The weight of this bag is 430g, and this make so light weight and the dimension of the bag is L-35cm, W-18cm, H-27cm. This bag is ideal for women and Girls, High quality soft Lining Anti-theft pocket with Top Zip Closer.


  • Light weight
  • Good quality material
  • Available Space is perfect
  • Size of the bag is perfect


  • Shoulder strap is short


Q. Which handbag is best for Travelling?

A. WILD MODA Women’s Shoulder For Travel.

Q. Which bags are used for Travelling?

A. POLESTAR Xplore Travelling Backpack.

Q. What is the safest type of purse to travel with?

A. Crossbody purse is safest bag for travelling.